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GPFSoft -- Green Portable Free Software
What is GPF Software?


GPF Software refer to those software which is Green, Portable and Free. Let's call them GPFSoft.

  • Green --- Easy installation. No registry written. No system directory written. Easy removal.
  • Portable --- Small size. The size before installation is less than 1MB.
  • Free --- Don't need to pay. No expiration date. However, some simple registration might be needed.


These three points are the most important ones for a GPFSoft. However, there is no need to mention that usability, functionality and extendability are also important.

GPFSoft, my own and others


A large-size text file reader


 69 KB

 Not a editor. Unreachable to early content if out of buffer.

 TeraTerm Pro

Enhanced version of Telnet client TeraTerm


 951 KB



A Notepad-like text editor with syntax highlighting


 575 KB

 A little slow at search.