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Welcome to Spencer Zhou (Xuan Zhou)'s Home Page

You will find some information about me here. Hope they are interesting, and helpful.

Why the name "Spencer"?

This is a forever asking question for me. The answer is simple. This name was given by my teachers at my 7th grade, thanks to Heidi and Joe. Most people wouldn't change their given names, wouldn't they? Another reason is that the "Xuan," my official name, can hardly be pronounced correctly in U.S. Thus I'll prefer a name which I can be identified correctly.  However, Costco people don't buy this, the difference of the "Spencer" on my membership card and the "Xuan" on my credit card often leads to show-offs of my driver license. :(



What's New?

  • I now have my own GPFSoft   MorePad


I am not comfortable to post all the detail private information online. Please feel free to contact me by email for further information.


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